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Saying good-bye to Cambridge again

2010/01/06 留下评论

Saying good-bye to Cambridge again
by Xu Zhimo

Very quietly I take my leave 轻轻的我走了,

As quietly as I came here; 正如我轻轻的来;

Quietly I wave good-bye 我轻轻的招手,

To the rosy clouds in the western sky. 作别西天的云彩。

The golden willows by the riverside 那河畔的金柳

Are young brides in the setting sun; 是夕阳中的新娘

Their reflections on the shimmering waves 波光里的艳影,

Always linger in the depth of my heart. 在我的心头荡漾。

The floating heart growing in the sludge 软泥上的青荇,

Sways leisurely under the water; 油油的在水底招摇;

In the gentle waves of Cambridge 在康河的柔波里,

I would be a water plant! 我甘心做一条水草

That poll under the shade of elm trees 那榆荫下的一谭,

Holds not water but the rainbow from the sky; 不是清泉,使天上虹

Shattered to pieces among the duckweeds 揉碎在浮躁间,

Is the sediment of a rainbow-like dream? 沉淀着彩虹似的梦。

To seek a dream ? Just to pole a boat upstream 寻梦?撑一支长蒿,

To where the green grass is more verdant; 向青草更青处漫溯,

Or to have the boat fully loaded with starlight 满载一船星辉,

And sing alond in the splendour of starlight. 在星辉斑斓里放歌

But I cannot sing alond 但我不能放歌,

Quietness is my farewell music; 悄悄是别离的笙箫;

Even summer insects keep silence for me 夏虫也为我沉默,

Silent is Cambridge tonight! 沉默是今晚的康桥!

Very quietly I take my leave 悄悄地我走了,

As quietly as I came here; 正如我悄悄的来;

Gently Iflick my sleeves 我挥一挥衣袖,

Not even a wisp of cloud will Ibring away. 不带走一片云彩。

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